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2014-15 Department Officer and Officials Photo Gallery


Welcome to our Official Photo Gallery!
We have Most of the photos in high resolution
and all are suitable for 8x10 or 8.5x11 framing.
Just click on the photo!
The photo will open in a new window;
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Please direct all questions to:
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Janet M. Wilson
“Official Photo”

Janet and Wayne Wilson
Commander and Family

Joseph Garcia
Jr Past Commander



Bill Siler iii



William Reed

Janet M. Wilson

Bill Siler iii

Hugh E. Crooks Jr.
National Executive

Gary Leach
Alternate National
Executive Committeeman

Larry Leonardo






Michael R Hughes
Vice Commander
Representing Area 1

Jerry Redford
Vice Commander
Representing Area 2

Eric L Kurtz
Vice Commander
Representing Area 3

William V. Miller
Vice Commander
Representing Area 4

Harlod “Buzz” Waltz
Vice Commander
Representing Area 5






Robert Heinisch
Vice Commander
Representing Area 6

Wayne Yee

Scott McKee
Service Officer

Richard M. Carpino

Steven Mike Hooper
Membership Director



Jeffrey Seaton



Mary Estrada

John R. Bart
Judge Advocate

Jeffrey Seaton
Judge Advocate

Marilyn E. Rideaux
Commanders Aide

Lawrence Van Kuran
Distinguished Guest Chair

Robert Ireland
L. David Cockrill
Paul Wise
William E. “Smokey” Davis
Robert DeToro

Dottie Deerwester
District 1 Commander

Alfred "AJ" Dumoulin
District 2 Commander

Marjorie Goosey
District 3 Commander

Susan Johnson
District 4 Commander

Robert S Mattson
District 5 Commander

Michael Hughes
Chuck Brasiel
Eduardo Ramirez
David C. Jackson
Ronald W Parshall

Alberto A Castillo
District 6 Commander

Courtland D Bradbury
District 7 Commander

Eduardo Ramirez
District 8 Commander

Anton M. Fettig
District 9 Commander

Peter J. Cooks
District 10 Commander

Tino Adame
John Kirwin
Lawrence Doutherd Sr
Mildred S. Wright-Pearson
David Carrasco

Albert "Poncho" Villa
District 11 Commander

Bill Shanahan
District 12 Commander

Don B Newton
District 13 Commander

Lewis Edwards
District 14 Commander

Lilia Morentin
District 15 Commander

John Velasquez
Wayne Yee
Auggie Galaviz
Dennis Radcliffe
Robert Heinisch

David E. Forney
District 16 Comitemander

David W. Dolce
District 17 Commander

Julie Potter
District 18 Commander

Robert Boyd
District 19 Commander

Peter Douglas III
District 20 Commander

Steven Waggoner
Harry Woods
W. Jeep Barnes
John Johansen


Edward Romero
District 21 Commander

Anthony "Tony" Stewart
District 22 Commander

Keith Morris
District 23 Commander

Robert Kutzly
District 24 Commander

Kenneth Lebron
District 25 Commander






Rich Erhardt
District 26 Commander

Connie Hinderman
District 27 Commander

Richard A. Martin
District 28 Commander

Bill Cook
District 29 Commander

Lee Quarcelino
District 30 Commander

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