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Welcome to our “Resource Download” Center!

Forms - Documents - Reports - Manuals - Brochures

All of the Department of California's forms and informational materials
are readily available in PDF format and/or MS Word format

Commission Forms   Committee Forms   Department HQ Forms   National HQ Resources

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Please feel free to contact us about any forms that you need that are not currently available:
Phone 707-275-2771 or e-mail

Thanks for your help... Dave Eby and Bill Siler iii

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National Headquarters Resources 
  1. 2014 Online Consolidated Post Report
  2. Chaplains How To Guide
  3. The American Legion Extension Institute Online
  4.  National Emergency Fund (NEF) Application & Instructions
  5. NEF Donation Form
  6. District Access Information
  7. American Legion Claims Coach Mobile Application
  8. American Legion National Convention Application
  9. National Headquarters Publications

Paid Up For Life (PUFL)
Please visit:
Beginning January 1st, 2014 National is offering a promotional incentive with a revised price structure for the Paid Up For Life program. As an incentive, the Legion is offering a discount for the purchase of a Paid Up For Life membership if paid in full at the time of purchase, or a merchandise premium.

Department Headquarters:  Forms - Manuals - Brochures 

 Department Forms / Reports Available
   >- Department of California
        a. Code of Professional Conduct - Department of California Policy
              MS Word   PDF format
        b. Operating Rules of the Department of California Executive Committee
              MS Word   PDF format
        c. Convention Operating Rules - by Year (newest first)
              1. Operating Rules of the 96th Convention of The Department of California
                   June 20-22, 2014 - Santa Clara, CA:  currently not available
              1. Operating Rules of the 95th Convention of The Department of California
                   June 28-30, 2013 - Palm Springs, CA:  MS Word   PDF format
Operating Rules of the 94th Convention of The Department of California
                   June 22-24, 2012 - Redding, CA:  MS Word   PDF format
        d. Certification of Delegates and Alternates - Department of California Convention
PDF format

Assistance Response Report
PDF Format    MS Word

Book of Reports - Dept of CA Convention
        a. 2014 Book of Reports
        b. 2013 Book of Reports
        c. 2012 Book of Reports
        d. 2011 Book of Reports
        e. 2010 Book of Reports
        f. 2009 Book of Reports
        g. 2008 Book of Reports
        h. 2007 Book of Reports

  3. Cancellation of Post Charter
        a. Cancellation of Post Charters (proper procedure)
  4. Certification - Examination Post Books of Account  PDF Format   MS Word
  5. Certification of Service Record of American Legion Post Officers
        a. 2013-14: MS Word   PDF Format
        b. 2014-15: MS Word   PDF Format
  6. Change of Address Form - (complete on-line and print)
For domestic change of address form  (This link takes you to member's section of my.legion)
        b For foreign change of address form (This link takes you to National's website)
  7.  Chaplains Annual Post Report
        a. Post Chaplains Annual Report   MS Word   PDF format
  8. Consolidated Post Report (CPR)
        a. 2012-13: PDF Format (Fillable)
        b. 2013-14: PDF Format (Fillable)
  9. Constitution & By-Laws - Department of California
        a. Revised as of June 2013 PDF Format   MS Word
 10. District Forms - To be completed by District Commander and District Adjutant ONLY!
        a. District Incoming Officers
              2014-2015: PDF Format   MS Word
        b. District Registration Secretary (State Convention): PDF Format   MS Word
        c. District Representatives to State Convention Standing Committees: PDF Format   MS Word
        d. District National Delegates & Alternates: PDF Format   MS Word
        e. District Advisors to Department Commissions - 2014-2015 for roster book: PDF Format   MS Word
        f.  District Advisors to Department Committees - 2014-2015 for roster book: PDF Format   MS Word

11. Golf Tournaments
        a. Department Convention
            Forms: TBD
        b. Annual Yountville Picnic - Golf Tournament
             - Golf Entry Form: MS Word / PDF Format   Hole Sponsorship: MS Word / PDF Format
Play it Forward Golf!Play it Forward Golf is a great way to save up to 70% on tee times when playing your favorite sport - at over 300 golf courses in California - 4,000 thousand courses across the U.S - and now access to over 650 Private Club courses. Remember, every time you play our Department earns funds for new activities. Everyone wins! Get started today. Click here and bookmark the page.

12. History Contest - Department Historian (Richard M Carpino)
         a. History Contest Instructions and Entry - 2015 Contest
                PDF format   MS Word
         b. 2014 Officers Guide (52nd Edition) - Pages 145-154
                PDF format
13. IRS Pub. 3386 Tax Guide for Veterans' Groups : A hard-to-get 50-page publication that pretty much spells out
         all the issues related to IRS and tax-exempt  501(c)(19) organizations like The American Legion, VFW, etc.
View or download the document here:
14.  Member Data Form
  PDF Format (fillable)
15. Resolutions
        a. Resolution - Writing Instructions  PDF Format  MS Word
        b. Resolution Form - Blank Form  PDF Format   MS Word
        c. Need help writing a resolution?
             The resolution booklet has been developed to assist The American Legion staff and volunteers to be as
             consistent as possible in composing and writing resolutions.
             Download the National Organization's resolution booklet:  PDF format
        d. Approved at Department Convention
            2013 - Palm Springs Department Convention
            2012 - Redding Convention - currently unavailable
            2011 - Ontario Department Convention - currently unavailable
            2010 - Fresno Department Convention
            2009 - Bakersfield Department Convention
            2008 - Bakersfield Department Convention
            2007 - Palm Springs Department Convention

16. Transmittal Form
        New LocationAll membership forms are found at

17. Trial Manual - Department of California - (Adopted June 22, 2006) 
MS Word   PDF format

 Manuals Available

  1. Post Officer's Guide and Manual of Ceremonies:

        The principle handbook to assist American Legion Officers in fulfilling their responsibilities.
  2. Post Adjutant's Manual:
        A blueprint to help Legionnaires handle their daily duties as post adjutant.
  3. Post Operations Manual:
        A guide to set up accounting procedures for the post.
  4. Post Membership Team Training Guide:
        A guide to assist membership teams with methods for recruiting and tools for retaining members.
  5. Post Training Guide:
        Training Guide for members of your post.
  6. New Member Application:
        Printable new member application.
  7. Why Belong:
        Promotional membership brochure.
  8. Flag Code:
        Title 4, United States Flag Code

 Brochures Available
  1. National Family Week:
        For many years, the National Commission on Children & Youth has, by mandate, advocated the passage
        of federal legislation designating the week of Thanksgiving as National Family Week.
  2. Temporary Financial Assistance:
        Basic overview and description of the TFA program.
  3. Make Halloween a Fun and Safe Night:
        The "Make Halloween a Fun and Safe Night" program was developed specifically for local Posts and Units
        to help eliminate many of the accidents associated yearly with Halloween.
  4. April is Children & Youth Month:
        Encourages the celebration of Children & Youth Month.
  5. Gateway Drugs:
        The American Legion's Americanism programs promote the ideals of citizenship, teamwork, loyalty, fair play,
        courage, physical fitness, and mental toughness needed to give our youth the skills necessary to be a positive
        influence on others.
  6. Children's Miracle Network:
        Explains The American Legion's relationship with Children's Miracle Network and the benefits of this alliance.
  7. Family Support Network:
        Designed to promote support for military families.
  8. Child Welfare Foundation:
        Explains the purpose of The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation.
  9. Operation: Military Kids:
        An official program of the National Commission on Children & Youth.
 10. Play It Safe:
        The six most common causes of accidental death for children and tips on how to avoid them.
 11. Suicide - The Warning Signs:
        Facts and myths about youth suicide.

  Department Commission Forms 
  1. Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy Commission:
        All YEC forms available at: Youth Environmental Conference 2013
   2. American Legion Riders Commission:
        All forms for the Riders are at:
   3. Americanism Commission:
         James Fisk Award Report
         a. Chairman's Instructions: PDF format   MS Word
         b. Post's Annual ‘James Fisk’ Report Form: PDF format   MS Word
         c. District Chairman's Report Selection Form: TBD
         d. Area Chairman's Report Selection Form: TBD
         e. Commission / District Chairman Mailing Address:
              E-mail Department Adjutant for list:
                  Subject Line: Attn - Americanism Report Listing

   4. Baseball Commission:
        Background Checks for ALL Volunteers
         a. Visit:
       American Legion Baseball (ABL Senior)
        a. Visit: (Most ALB Senior forms are at the National Website)
        b. Senior ALB Contact Information
              1. Area 1 Teams  PDF Format   MS Word
              2. Area 2 Teams  PDF Format   MS Word
              3. Area 3 Teams  PDF Format   MS Word
              4. Area 4 Teams  PDF Format   MS Word
              5. Area 5 Teams  PDF Format   MS Word
              6. Area 6 Teams  PDF Format   MS Word
     CA Junior American Legion Baseball
        a. Jr. Baseball Rules and Regulations: PDF Format
        b,.Jr. ALB Team Registration: PDF Format   MS Word
        c. Jr. ALB Contact Information
              1. Area 1 Teams  PDF Format   MS Word
              2. Area 2 Teams  PDF Format   MS Word
              3. Area 3 Teams  PDF Format   MS Word
              4. Area 4 Teams  PDF Format   MS Word
              5. Area 5 Teams  PDF Format   MS Word
              6. Area 6 Teams  PDF Format   MS Word
        d. Player Indemnification Agreement:  PDF format   MS Word
        e. Jr. Baseball Insurance Form: PDF Format   MS Word
   5. Boys State Commission:
        All forms for the Boys State Program are at:
        This includes the Samsung Scholarship Application
   6. Children and Youth Commission:
         2013 Report Forms
         a. Page 1:  MS Word   PDF format
         b. Page 2:  MS Word   PDF format
         c. Page 3:  MS Word   PDF format
         d. Page 4:  MS Word   PDF format
         e. Page 5:  MS Word   PDF format
   7. Community Service Commission
         a. Community Service Post Report Instructions:  PDF Format   MS Word
         b. Community Service Post Report:  PDF Format   MS Word
         c. Community Service Person of the Year:  PDF format   MS Word
   8. Constitution and By Laws Commission:
         a. Sample Post Constitution & By-Laws
               1. Instructions:  MS Word   PDF format
               2. Sample By-Laws:  MS Word   PDF format
         b. Department Constitution By-Laws (rev 2008)
                PDF format
   9. Disaster & Emergency Services Commission
        The following forms and more are available at the commission’s web page.
          a. PR tool kit for Disaster Preparedness Month - DHS PR tool kit
          b. California Disaster Emergency Grant Application - California Form
          c. National Emergency Fund (N.E.F.) Application - National Form
          d. California Disaster and Emergency Donation - mail-in form
  10. Law and Order Commission
         a. Law and Order Program Report: PDF format   MS Word
         b. Law Officer of the Year: PDF format
         c. Public Safety Program Report: PDF format   MS Word
         d. Public Safety Person of the Year: PDF format   MS Word
  11. Leadership Commission
         a. Legionnaire of the Year Instructions:  PDF format   MS Word
         b. Legionnaire of the Year: PDF format   MS Word
         c. Lifetime Achievement Award: PDF format   MS Word
         d. Leadership, Protocol and Parliamentary Procedure Guidebook: PDF Format (42 pages)
  12. Oratorical Contests Commission
         2015 Forms - TBD
  13. Public Relations Commission
         a. Public Relations Award: PDF format    MS Word
  14. Ritual Commission
         Color Guard Competition
           a. Chairmans Cover Letter: PDF format   MS Word
           b. Guidelines: PDF Format   PDF format   MS Word
           c. Advance & Retiring: PDF format   MS Word
           d. Military Class: PDF format   MS Word
           e. Open Eligibilty: PDF format   MS Word
  15. Scouting Commission
           a. Eagle Scout of the Year (commission page)
           b. Camporee Registration Form (commission page)
           c. Annual Scouting Report Forms: PDF Format
           d. Commissioners / District Chairman Mailing Address
                E-mail Department Adjutant for list:
                Subject Line: Attn - Americanism Report Listing
           e. Square Knot Award (commission page)
  16. Sons of The American Legion Commission
           a. All SAL forms are at:
  17. Valley Forge Workshop Commission
           a. 2014 Forms: Visit the Valley Forge Workshop Commission Page
  18. Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Commission (ALL forms are currently under review)
           a. California VA&R Foundation
           b. American's Veterans Teachers/Presenter Guide: PDF Format
           c. Post Service Officer Guide - Full Manual

  Department Committee Forms  
   1. Blood Donor Committee
         a. Annual Post Blood Donor Report - 2014 Form
              MS Word   PDF format
   2. Membership Committee
         a. ALL membership forms can be found at the membership website:

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