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Commander Janet Wilson with husband Wayne and family

Commander Janet Wilson with husband Wayne and family


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 The American Legion Department of California
 San Francisco Headquarters

   205 13TH Street, Suite 3300, San Francisco, CA 94103--2461
   Phone: 415-431-2400  Fax: 415-255-1571
   E-mail Commander Janet Wilson:
   Contact the San Francisco HQ Staff
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  August 9-10, 2014 - Bakersfield Post 26  new-arrow click for details


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  Special articles submitted to the “California Legionnaire”

  1.  ONLINE Enrollment is Now Available for LIT No Cost AD&D
          by Howard Bender
  2.  “California Legionnaire” Takes First Place!
          National American Legion Press Association

  3. California Party “Jim Hackney’s Night Out”
          August 25, 2014 - National Convention
  4.  California American Legion Amateur Radio Service
(CALARS) Announces a New Monthly Net
  5.  Califiornia’s Eagle Scout of the Year
          James McDaniels, BSA Troop 7050, Yuba City, CA
  6  Posts now have a guaranteed way to raise big money playing Bingo
         Jesse James, Area 5 Finance Commissioner

ONLINE Enrollment is Now Available for LIT No Cost AD&D

  by Howard Bender

The Legionnaire Insurance Trust is pleased to announce that online enrollment is now available for the LegionCare No Cost Accidental Death benefit. Please be sure to let your Department know about this one-of-a-kind benefit offered exclusively to Legionnaires.
LegionCare provides all Legionnaires with:
       $5,000 in Accidental Death Coverage for covered accidents that occur if you are traveling on official Legion business.
       $1,000 for all other covered accidents.
       24/7 protection that covers Legionnaires at home, at work and while they are traveling away from home available for all Legionnaires in your Department.
To learn more or to sign up, please visit
---  ---  ---  ---  ---

California Party - “Jim Hackney’s Night Out”
 by Marilyn Rideaux                                                                        

Join us at the BallPark
Download Flyer (a new page will open)

     We are just a little over two months away from National Convention and I am concerned that there does not seem to be a strong interest in the California Party - “Jim Hackney’s Night Out” that I planned for us on Monday, August 25. Please take a look at the flyer and if you are attending National in Charlotte, NC, I hope you will plan to join us. Just cut off the bottom portion of the flyer and mail it along with your check to the address indicated on the flyer. Please don’t delay!
     If you have been monitoring the National American Legion website for National Convention information, you probably know that Friday, August 22, is designated American Legion Family Night at BB&T Ballpark. The cost per ticket is $14.00 per person and seats are located in Section 121. See ballpark diagram.
     On August 25, the cost is $32.00 per person. This fee includes admission to the game, dinner seating in a group picnic area with an incredible view just above left field (see picnic area on diagram just to the right of Sections 124-126), a buffet dinner featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken with sides and fixin’s, plus soft drinks. Beer and wine will be available for purchase.
     In addition, I am trying to negotiate wrist-bands that will allow access to the “skyline patio” which I have been told that you can see a spectacular view of the Charlotte skyline at night.  The best part is that this is a brand new ballpark that opened in April this year and it is a short walking distance for most of us from the Hilton Hotel. I hope I have convinced you to join us on Monday, August 25, 2014 at BB&T Ballpark.
     See you in Charlotte... Marilyn Rideaux
---  ---  ---  ---  ---

 The “California Legionnaire” Takes First Place!
 National American Legion Press Association
 P.O. Box 334 – West Seneca, NY 14224

July 10, 2014

Dear Winner,



It gives me great pleasure to notify and congratulate you that you are a recipient of one of the prestigious NALPA Media Awards for 2014.  This year for the first time, we are using email to speed the notification process for the award winners. Plaques and/or certificates will be awarded at the National Convention at the Awards Luncheon on August 25, 2014 beginning at 11:30 A.M., Charlotte Westin Hotel Providence Ball Room, Section 1, Lobby Level.

George W. Hooten Award Category 1-A, First Place - California Legionnaire /  Department of California / Editor David L. Eby

Again, congratulations on being an award winner and for serving our veterans community so admirably!

Sincerely,... Patrick R. Rourk, President
---  ---  ---  ---  ---

California American Legion Amateur Radio Service
(CALARS) Announces a New Monthly Net

By William Staehle – Area 2 Amateur Radio Commissioner

     CALARS will begin to operate an IRLP/EchoLink net on the first Sunday of the month at 1:30 PM Pacific time beginning on May 4th. This new net will allow all American Legion Amateur Radio license holders to participate using either a local IRLP repeater or a computer or smart phone with EchoLink software. This will allow Technician Class license holders be able to participate in a CALARS net in addition to those individuals with more advanced licenses. Licensed members may participate in the net by connecting either to IRLP Reflector 9096 or EchoLink Conference Server WW6BAY-R. Those in the San Francisco Bay area can simply use one of the Bay-Net repeaters for this net. More information about Bay-Net can be found at The new net is in addition to the HF net which occurs every Sunday at 1:00 PM on 40 meters at 7.278 MHz.
     We encourage all Legionnaires with a current license and those wishing to get involved with Amateur Radio for both emergency communications and hobby use to join the CALARS yahoo group by sending an email to Please include your name, Post, and call sign, if any. By joining the group you will be able to see complete and up-to-date information about the nets, view information about using IRLP and EchoLink, get information about obtaining an Amateur Radio license, and post messages with information and questions about Amateur Radio and CALARS.

---  ---  ---  ---  ---

American Legion Posts
Now have a guaranteed way to raise big money playing Bingo

by Jesse James, Area 5 Finance Commissioner

     Taking something old and making it new again….bingo…or in 2014 we like to call it Remote Caller Bingo or Linked Bingo. This new method of playing traditional bingo provides a way for American Legion bingo halls to make guaranteed money on their paper and allows players to win much greater prize money.  This works because all American Legion Posts are playing the same game at the same time as if they were in the same room—thanks to a new innovative technology that broadcasts the ball calling of the game to everyone at precisely the same moment.
     For the participants, the bingo game is played in the traditional manner with paper and bingo markers (aka daubers).  The biggest difference for the players is the amount of prize money that can be won by a single player. Where charities playing traditional bingo are limited to paying out a couple hundred dollars on a single game, Bingo Innovations of California, Inc. can help their participating charities payout an unlimited amount of prize money, potentially reaching thousands of dollars on a single game.
     The great advantage for the charity bingo hall is how much easier it is to attract players when large prize money is at stake. In addition, the new California law that allows Remote Caller Bingo was designed to insure that the charities receive no less than 43% of the games gross receipts. This is the highest legislative mandated payout for any charity bingo in the entire United States.
     Because the game is pari-mutual, there is no risk of any kind for each American Legion post. There is a profit for the charity bingo hall in every game played. For those locations that already play a traditional bingo game, you know that having a guaranteed 43% revenue of your card sales is unheard of.  What’s even better…the American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Foundation now has a statewide license—so individual American Legion posts no longer have to deal with the state’s “red-tape” of becoming licensed, they can play under the statewide license already issued. 
     To get more information on how your post can link in with other American Legion Posts statewide and start raising much needed funds, please contact Bingo Innovations of California, Inc. (909) 948-2033 or Email: or visit www.
---  ---  ---  ---  ---

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